The selling process

A few weeks back in my Design thinking class I learned an interesting topic called the selling process that is vital for startups and business growth in general. Selling is an important skill that every entrepreneur needs to develop to satisfy customer requirements.

Selling is the art of availing products and services to the target market using various skills like interviews, matching, closing and objection handling skills more especially where the customer does not understand the product or may require clarity.

It is an interactive process between the seller and the buyer which starts with becoming customer oriented and having a good attitude to deliver exceptional service that is very vital to closing a sale for business growth.

In our day to day lives, sometimes we unintentionally sell through persuasion but here is the selling process that I learned from my class;

A simplified visual impression of the sales process

Source: act365

How does the process work!


After preparation and prospecting, identify the needs and wants of the customer. Many times, entrepreneurs mistakenly think they know what the customer wants but having an interaction with the customer and using open ended questions gives the customer an opportunity to talk through their wants.

Remember that before a sale is made, the customer’s mind goes through successive or mental stages as the sale presentation is made and these include attention, interest, desire and action (Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 1993). As such, instilling interest in the customer is vital.

Ultimately through interacting with the customer, one should empathize with them (see earlier blog on “empathy mapping”).

This leads to the next step which is showing the customer a solution to the identified need by demonstrating how your product can meet those needs and wants.

The best suitable way is to Pair the product features with the benefits for the customer to believe that is what they actually require. At this point one should check customer attitude if they are interested in buying the product and watch out for buying signals for example those asking questions about the price, mode of payment, warranty et cetera.

And then the last stage is closing the sell by summarizing only accepted benefits & asks for the business. However, just in case the sell does not happen professionally deal with objections, misunderstandings or indifferences.

It is also important to follow-up on the customer just to be certain that the product served the purpose or that it is in good shape. Follow up helps create a solid relationship for future sales and other business referrals which is vital for business growth and continuity.

Here is an interesting and simplified video on the sells process that can be accessed at:

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